Getting Fired Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

I never realized that the life I dreamed of was just on the other side of the most embarrassing moment of my career.

Eunice Brownlee
5 min readNov 2, 2021
A plain corrugated box sits on top of a desk. A stack of books and plant can be spotted in the darkened background.
Photo by Brandable Box on Unsplash

Five years ago, I was starting to tire of my role at the marketing agency I had been working at for the previous four years. It was the longest I had ever stayed at any job, and I was surprised that I hadn’t already bored of the role and moved on.

Just as I started to submit my resume to other companies and considered picking up freelance projects on the side, my boss placed my name directly in front of our new COO and said I would be perfect for the role that was being developed with our parent company. I was in complete disbelief.

At the point I believed I had topped out, I was being championed to have an entirely new role — that just happened to be my dream job—designed for me.

I had survived an accident and the ensuing reconstructive surgery, as well as my parents’ explosive divorce the previous year. I needed a win in life. I needed this job.

Ultimately, the COO decided I wasn’t quite ready for the role he had envisioned, but he placed me on the team and we got to work. I was thrilled. I didn’t mind the travel schedule because I had a seat at the…