So well stated, Sarah. The argument about being “dumb enough to get pregnant” is insulting to me on many levels. It implies that I, a college-educated woman, do not have the capacity to understand how pregnancy works.

Oh believe me, folks I get it. What I don’t get is how it’s scientifically possible that I have an almost 13 year old. She is truly a miraculous conception, given that I started birth control when I was 19 to manage the pain from my only functional ovary and nearly a decade later, I wound up pregnant. I didn’t want children, but that doesn’t mean I should not be allowed to enjoy sex. Despite the odds, I chose motherhood with this pregnancy. I did not make the same choice with my second. I am grateful that I had a choice.

It’s these assaults against womanhood that are so frustrating. We’re good enough to procreate life but that’s where our function ends. I’m tired of mattering less than a mass of cells that may or may not become a living human. Thank you for your words. And thank you for joining the pro-choice movement.

tales of a girl trying to make sense of it all.

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