Thank you for a well written and thoughtful response. It’s dialogue like this that I want to be having.

People are trying, and I am in no way diminishing the work that some have put in. But for many, it’s performative. And this idea that we should just all be friends without actually resolving the conflict that got us here is completely misguided and unhelpful.

Did you ever experience a bully situation in early childhood? When there was a conflict, were you both brought into a room and asked to apologize to each other, without actually talking about the conflict itself? How did that make you feel? Did you feel seen and heard? Did you feel supported? Did the conflict disappear, or did it get worse?

This is no different. This is a group of people who are asking for reconciliation without acknowledging the pain and hurt that caused the problem. That is where my issue lies.

And for the record, I don’t despise White people. I’m half White and I really love that side of me just as much as I love the other half of me.

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