The GOP will stop at nothing to win

The only thing newsworthy is that the rest of us are finally keen on their plans

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

It should be no surprise that none of this is new to the 2020, or even 2016 election cycle. As I have ravenously consumed political documentaries for the past four years, this machine has been working this way for the better part of my life. The difference was the strategy just hadn’t been exposed. Although the practice of gerrymandering is almost as old as our nation itself, that’s a word that hasn’t been a part of the average American’s lexicon until recent years. When the Hofeller files were discovered in 2018 and brought to the public eye in 2019, the GOP’s hand had been shown. And they didn’t even blink, they just kept going.

Voter suppression by any other name is still just as damaging

I learned this week that the Constitution does not have a requirement for a person to be a citizen of the United States to be eligible to vote. That restriction has been added at the state level, in an effort to limit who can vote in any given election. That was a surprise to me, as we have an amendment on our Colorado ballot this year asking to change our state constitutional language allowing “every citizen” to vote to “only citizens” to cast ballots in our elections. While the semantics seem innocuous, the effect will be damaging.

The Republicans are already dominating the courts

As campaigning continues for the Presidential Election, candidate Biden has been continually asked about whether or not he plans to pack the Supreme Court if elected. This comes from an idea that he will use his power to appoint justices to balance out what is sure to be a strongly conservative court before Election Day. This is all smoke in mirrors from the GOP, so that no one pays attention to the fact that McConnell has spent the better part of the past six years allowing vacancies, then filling those vacancies with conservative judges nominated by a Republican president. I read somewhere that this strategy has led to lazy, partisan lawmaking, as now they are reliant on the courts to decide on shitty policy, rather than working collaboratively to write good policy. And don’t get me started on his horribly hypocritical position on why we should install a replacement to Justice Ginsburg’s empty chair (including the callous move of announcing his intent inside of 90 minutes after her passing).

And we haven’t even talked about foreign influence

Despite the President wanting to believe that the Mueller investigation was a hoax designed to undermine an illegitimate election win, the fact is that our intelligence systems continue to put forth evidence that Russia is working to influence the outcome of our elections. And this administration is doing nothing about it because it is benefitting their cause. I’m not even sure if there are other foreign actors that have a stake in watching our democracy unravel, but it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

The best thing we can do is vote

Right now, winning elections against this well-oiled machine of lies, cheating and stealing feels like a modern day David and Goliath story. But what I know is that the ballot box is the stone we have to beat them with, so let’s use it.

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